Money Troubles? This is Why Your Money is Disappearing

Do you ever get to the end of the month and wonder where your money went? It’s just like it’s there one minute and gone the next. Well, we have some potential answers to your disappearing money. We hope that some of these will point out areas where you can spend your money a bit better and make changes to your financial habits.

Where does your money go?

Unplanned Spending

A budget should be in place for your finances. If not, you can easily be victim to unplanned and even reckless spending. Spending money on impulse buys or whims can quickly eat away at your salary. It is best to have a certain amount of money allocated to specific areas of your life. When you venture outside them and start spending money right, left, and centre, you will soon see the money disappearing. So, if you don’t have a budget, draw one up. If you do have a budget, get smarter.

Excessive Expenses

Excessive expenses are things that you can easily reduce with a change of habits or behavior. Such things can include the unwise use of water and power. There are many ways to save on power and the costs that go with it. The same goes for water use. Excessive driving that is unnecessary can make gas bills pile up. If you can, rather take the bus or train. It is very likely cheaper. You get the idea. Look for expenses like these that you can reduce.

Living Outside Your Means

This is something that many people do and don’t always realize or will reluctantly admit. Living outside your means can severely screw up your finances. Examples of this include living in a house or flat that costs more than you can afford or driving an expensive car that is both unnecessary and above your means or eating at fancy restaurants every night. All these things can be living outside your means. If you can get a cheaper mortgage or rent or cheaper car payments, you will see a big difference in your finances.

These points should help you see where things are going wrong with your finances. Analyse your spending habits and change the ones that are eating your money.

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