Finance Talk is a social blog and we invite our readers to contribute to our blog. Our experts are, well, experts and they know everything about finance. However, it is refreshing to hear stories and tips from our readers who have different approaches or methods of dealing with their everyday finances.

Who Can Contribute?

Anyone who has a story or tips to share. No matter what it is, if you think we and our readers can learn from it or find it interesting, we want to hear from you.

How to Contribute

Simply write your story or tips in a text of between 200 and 400 words and send it to us by email to

Does It Cost Anything?

No, it doesn’t cost you anything to contribute. You just write and send we publish it on our blog. We will inform you if we need to edit the text and also when it will be featured on our blog.

How Often Can You Contribute?

As often as you like. If you feel that you have a lot of valuable information to share, please keep writing. If you’re good and we like what you have to say, we may even consider adding you to our team.

Why Contribute?

Sharing your personal experience with finances can help other people. Readers who are going through what you are or were can find hope and helpful advice through your stories and tips. Many people are struggling to keep head above water and you may be the person who helps them get out of a difficult situation.

So, send us your contributions and help our readers.